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Contact Name: Paolo Nicosia

Email: info@Purelandsacu.co.uk

Telephone: 07383098852

Website: www.purelandsacu.co.uk

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Based in the heart of Cheltenham. Our traditional Chinese Medicine clinic specialises in Acupuncture, Tuina massage and Cupping. Treating problems from back pain and joint pain to migraines and Digestive disorders.

Although this ancient therapy has been used for thousands of years, in recent times acupuncture has swept the nation as the newest healing must-have, helping many to cope with the stresses and problems which come hand in hand with modern life.  At Purelands, whilst providing the highest quality care by British Acupuncture Council certified practitioners, we recognise that each of us is unique in body and mind and tailor every treatment to you as an individual, providing relief from your symptoms, improving your quality of life and tackling the true root of your problems. Combining the best of traditional Chinese medicinal treatment with modern medical understanding, it is our mission to deliver top quality care and make a difference for everyone who walks through our door.