Activ-Step Limited

Contact Name: Mark Carver


Telephone: 01452 898 706


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Activ-STEP develops and supports software applications which use web based technology.  Our applications help small to medium sized business clients become more efficient in the way they run their processes and handle their data.  Our applications also enhance the way in which clients communicate their data to their clients and partners, leading to improved relationships.
Our solutions help clients tap into technology enabling them to access business data from multiple locations using an array of different devices.  Through deploying web based applications clients not only improve efficiency but improve the integrity and security of their data.
Customers typically look for our services when they are struggling with shared data between spreadsheets or constantly juggling paper based systems.
We have been delivering applications to clients over the past 9 years. Our approach is very methodical, taking time to understand what you are trying to achieve and the people involved in the process, prior to any coding being done.
If you think you could become more efficient through automating your processes I would love to talk to you.